Supplier data import info

Hello everyone, I´m a newbie in this ERP and I find myself a bit lost in some basic functionallity of the ERP.

I´m trying to import a list of suppliers from an excel where I have some columns with de contacts details of each supplier. These contacts are not recorded in the erp yet and I´d like it to record them automatically. The problem I find is that in the moment to download the template supplier I don´t see any contact name or contact number to select.

So far, I´ve worked with two imports. First, importing the supplier list with basic details and then importing the contacts of Supplier/customer to CRM in order to include them in the company associated. I´m wondering if I could do this in one step only.


These are separate doctypes. So you have export the same separately.

Thanks for the answer. So, I will do it separately.