Supplier decided not to charge for items on PO

I have a situation where I sent a PO to a supplier and received the parts into ERPNext, but the supplier decided not to charge us for the items. The PO status is now “closed” because we received the items and now have them in inventory. We never created a purchase invoice because the supplier decided to gift us the items. I’m not sure how I should handle this considering it will likely change my valuation of the item and affect my cost of goods sold. Is there a way to assign the 100 parts we received to a value of 0 instead if $1.70 each as on the PO?

Why not just post as normal rate, then post a rebate/credit from the supplier? Link it to the po/pi for reference, but otherwise it should not be seen by the system as any ‘permanent’ change to the price.

That should allow for correct books while not affecting valuation or otherwise affecting the part cost moving forward.

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Sorry for the basic questions but I’m new to ERP and ERPNext. Could I use the landed cost voucher for this also?

To be honest, I’m just getting started with actual day-to-day production use on the system as well. My answer was based on a generic solution to your situation that I have used on other systems/processes in the past. I have no experience with the ERPNext-specific landed cost voucher.