Supplier Invoice No in Global Search

Hi All,

As you all know, when we entering a Purchase Invoice, there is a section named Supplier Invoice Details where we can add Supplier Invoice No and Supplier Invoice Date.

At the moment of writing, I tried to search for Purchase Invoice that hold the Supplier Invoice No by entering the Supplier Invoice No into search bar at the top of ERPNext Desk, but it returned

“No results found for ‘FIN17130’ in Global Search”

where FIN17130 is the term that I am looking for.

Is there a way I can accomplish this?

Thank you for your time.

Go to the doctype list, Select purchase invoice then select field name

Check in Global search.

Thank you @bhavikpatel7023
It works fine.

Just a note to other reader, you need to enable Developer Mode on your correct site_config.json file to grant Administrator account to edit the DocType.

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