Supplier part no - not showing

Hello all from France,

I already checked older topics about this issue but I was only able to solve the problem half-way…
I am creting a “Request for Quotation” and I would like to add the “Supplier Part No” since my Item Code/Part Number is different.

For this I was able to display the table as showing below:

Each item has a supplier part number as shown below (example):

However when I print the barcode does not appear:

Althought I have that item selected to be shown:

Inside the customize form, line Supplier Part No I have the following:

Can someone help me with this issue, please? It might be a simple button that I did not selected but I find no solution…

Thank you very much in advance
Pedro Moutinho

I am experiencing the same problem. Looking in it seems the method update_supplier_part_no is only called when you send emails to supplier. It makes sense because in RFQ the supplier is a list, not a single field. When you print the document directly, what supplier should be used to get the supplier part number? When sending to supplier(s), the document is generated for each one.

I like to generate documents and send emails outside of Frappe so this inconvenient, but I understand the logic. I just put a before_save hook in to call self.update_supplier_part_no(self.suppliers[0].supplier) if there is only one supplier in the list. You could also make a custom action like “print for supplier” which prompts the user to select from the list of suppliers in a similar manner to the email preview then does the same for the selected supplier and calls frm.print_doc()


I have checked this issue again and yes in fact it makes sense to just add the supplier part number when the supplier is selected (specially useful if more than 2 suppliers). Since my situation was only for 1 supplier I never thought about that.

I cannot remember if this option was there before but now we can in Tools->Download PDF, select the supplier and the pdf will be automatically generated with the correct supplier part number (for the specific supplier).

I think that it is very useful for some supplier that do not use an email system (like for example with alibaba that I use the internal message tool).

Thank you for your support,

Pedro M