Supplier payment reduction

Here my problem:

I have recorded a PO, supplier has sent goods with invoice. Receipt of goods and invoice recorded and submitted.
Error on goods dedected - supplier is granting a discount/Payment reduction on invoice.

Trying to record payment and also recording discount and deductions/loss. Upon submitting payment, I get error message: “Difference Amount must be zero”

How can I resolve this?



Please go to the Supplier Invoice and click on Create–> Return/Debit Note Option:


In Return/Debit Note make the Qty Zero and in Rate enter the Discount Amount per Items given by your supplier. Save and submit.

While making payment to the supplier, select the Supplier Invoice and Debit Note.


Thanks for the info. However if the reduction is not product related, where do I input info then?

Here you go:

Supplier Debit Note without Item.gif

Thank you