Supplier price list with qty brackets

I’m trying to enter this supplier price list in the system:

I understand this can be done using multiple Pricing Rules… this seems complex to setup, but let’s keep going on.

My first Pricing Rule looks like this:

  • Apply On: Item
  • Price or Product discount: Price
  • Apply Rule On Item Code (list):
    • Row#1: Item: Raw Barley, UOM: 25Kg
  • Buying checked
  • Applicable For: Supplier
  • Supplier: MySupplier
  • Min Qty: 1
  • Max Qty: 39
  • Rate or Discount: Rate
  • Rate: 22.00$

With only this first rule created, I try to create a Purchase Order for MySupplier.
I select Item Raw Barley, Qty 1, and the unit rate shown in the PO is 550.00$
So if I enter a quantity of 2, the total amount is 1100.00$.

Item Raw Barley has a Default UOM = Kg.

It seems the Pricing Rule rate is considering 22.00$/Kg, instead of 22.00$/25 Kg .
Since I specifically set UOM: 25Kg in the pricing rule, I would expect the later.

Am I missing something here ?

Thanks !