Supplier Quotation Report - Showing one currency Symbol for different currencies


I have encountered a strange issue with getting reports on supplier quotations.
We have suppliers giving quotations with different currencies(let us say USD and AED, etc)
As we go through the report and look for 1 item quoted by different suppliers, it is showing in the report that all suppliers quotation is in AED(company currency) which is misleading because not all quotations were made AED. Some of that was quoted in USD and etc…
I have already checked that the rate showing was Rate (Supplier Quotation Item) and not based on company currency.

Does anyone knows how to fix this?
Thank you…

attached is the screenshot for reference

For additional reference, below is the screenshot of SQTN-00534 which amount in quotation is in $ but showing in report as AED

Hi, I have also tried getting report for the same in the Demo, but the same problem is showing.
I think this is a bug in the system. I have created new SQTN-00020 in AED currency… Other quotation were made in $ but the report showing is as below:

You need to post BUG in Github .

This bug has been posted also in Github BUG - Supplier Quotation Report Currency · Issue #5401 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

This issue in Github has been closed. Need to select currency in the report to show actual currency of the Quotation.
Thank you…

@ai_me Hi, We have similar issue with AR reports ,how do you ‘select currency’ in the report would you mind explain a bit , thank you

@nabinhait , sorry to tag you but you did answer this in github, if you could enlighten me, thank you very much

Can you please share a screenshot of AR report highlighting then problem?

Please raise an issue in github with the screenshot.

Thank you,i will do so only after upgrading to V7 ,since i am still on the latest V6. Since we all moving to V7.

Currency symbol wrong in Report:Accounts Receiveable (total line) · Issue #6077 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub raised

Since this issue has been fixed here, closing this now. :slight_smile: