Supplier Scorecard Criteria - variable names


I would like to use the Supplier Scorecard feature, but I’m struggling to use the Criteria.

I have set up two criteria “Delay” and “Conformity”. Delay is a measure of the delay in delivery of parts and Conformity is measuring how many parts are accepted. The Conformity criteria formula is as given in the manual, such that where there are no deliveries it returns 100.

({total_accepted_items} / {total_received_items})*100
if {total_received_items} > 0
else 100

I have tried to setup similar for Delay, using the variable {tot_days_late}, but this seems to be a number that isn’t related to how many days after a due date a delivery is made. For instance I had a delivery of 11 items, (64 total quantity) which was 6 days late and the tot_days_late is 1482.

Is there a list of the variables we can access, with descriptions of how these are calculated from the Quotation/Order/Receipt/Invoice documents?


Hi @fishter,

Have you got it?