Supplier Scorecard Period Creation

Hello Everyone, I am trying to setup a supplier scorecard for suppliers, After setting up criteria and weighting function i am having issues creating a scorecard period document for scoring the supplier. I’ve added the relevant role permissions to the role i am using but still the supplier period document list view does not bring up the “New” button to create a document and the “Generate Missing Scorecard Periods” button in the supplier scorecard indicated in the documentation is missing,

any assistance will be appreciated, Thanks .

Have you got some clarification about it?

Supplier Scorecards are generated automatically, just set the requisite conditions and it will be the scorecard period document is created automatically .

I did it. But, at the end, after submit, it show nothing…

You need to update database because if the transactions are older than creation date of Companies, Suppliers etc Supplier Scorecard feature will not work.

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