Supplier set individual Tax Template

Is is possible to set a default Tax template for each supplier? This setting will be used for all purchase orders to that supplier.

What I’ve tried. Running 10v. Created custom field in supplier (taxes_and_charges) and linking them together with a custom script. Does not seem to work.

You most certainly can.

  1. Create a custom field for supplier called ‘Taxes and Charges’

Here’s how it looks in the Supplier DocType

  1. Create a custom script for purchase order like this

Thats it. Now select a supplier and set the taxes_and_charges field. Go to the Purchase Order and select the Supplier whose taxes_and_charges field you just saved. The field in Purchase Order that goes by the same name will be filled as it is in the Supplier DocType.

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Thank you for the example. I followed this to the dot but Taxes and Charges field in Purchase Order does not change/update when I select supplier.

The Custom field in Supplier works. I am able to save a template.

Contents of my Purchase Order Script


I tried to set a different default in Purchase Tax and Template List but it also does not work when i tried making new Purchase Order. It reverts back to the old template. Could this be a bug? I’m running v10.0.19.

I think i got it working. Tried to create a new set of templates and disabled the old ones. Now it works.