Supplier Statutory Details Need to be printed in Purchase Order

I have specified supplier details while creating a new supplier. Is there is any possible to print the “Supplier Details” in Purchase Order…?

You will have to create a field with the same name in Purchase Order and remember not to check “Print Hide”

The data will be copied over for all the new records only.

Which “Field Type” i have to select while creating a new field for supplier details in purchase order…?
If i select “Field Type” as “Link” it asks for Doctype. But there is no doctype for Supplier Details.


Field Type should be same as field type in Supplier master. The Field Type of Supplier Details field in Supplier master is “text”.

Learn more about field types here.

Check following link for help in setting up fields to have value fetched from field on selection of master.

Thanks and its working fine. But while printing the purchase order that specified details are printing at end of the document. I want to print very next to the Address area.

You can move the field next to address field from Setup → Customize Form. Select “Purchase Order” form and then move the field using “Drag & Drop”.

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