Supplier Type (v10) Supplier Group(v11) Question

When I try to edit , then save a Supplier in v11 , I get a Message popup:

Supplier Type cannot be "Raw Material". It should be one of "Company", "Individual"

In v10 , clicking on Suplier Type or looking at Supplier Type List, theye are a number of supplier types, for example: Raw Material , Pharmecuetical and others. In v11 those types are replaced by two choices - Company and Individual, and the types that were in v10 Types are now found in a new Supplier Group field.

Is this a data table mapping error or will we have to manually edit each supplier to change things? I didn’t see anything in the release notes.

You can map the Supplier ID to new values in Supplier group field and correct the data via Data Import Tool

Let me see if I have this right. Using Data Import tool, I first select Supplier as Document Type, then Update Records as Action. Click on Export template, Mandatory Fields and open the downloaded .xslt file in a spreadsheet program:

Am I to edit each cell in Column C and change to either Company or Individual, then upload the spreadsheet using data import tool? I am likely missing something - it seems to me simply going throght the Supplier list and changing the value using the dropdown would be less labor intensive?