Supplying partial materials for subcontracted item

Hi everyone,

I have a subcontracting scenario that I am hoping someone else has already figured out. We purchase some of the components required to make a subcontracted product X, and the manufacturer supplies the rest. I want to use ERP to track those components we buy then sell to the manufacturer to build product X.

I try to follow these steps: enter the BOM for product X, select “Supply Raw Materials for Purchase” on the item’s page, select yes for the “Raw Materials Supplied” option on the Purchase Receipt. However, since we do not supply all the materials required for product X, I cannot submit the BOM because I do not know all the part’s valuations since we only buy what the manufacturer cannot find. Even if I knew all the part’s costs, I do not think I could submit the Purchase Receipt because we do not supply all the parts. Is that correct, or can ERP pull specified items from the supplier warehouse?

Has anyone faced a similar scenario?

Thanks for your time.

Hi - long time ago now I know but did you ever get an answer on this - same problem here!

Unfortunately, I did not solve this problem, and no one was able to help. Please let me know if you figure out anything.