Support for Additional Modules for ERPNext

Although, It is clearly stated on your Commercial Support Page, I just wanted to verify/confirm, If Frappe team will accept REQUESTS from Clients for development of additional modules (Ex. CRM, Property Management Modules etc).

Also, Will ERPNext has the ability to support multiple Entities(different companies) and consolidate data on year end or a given specific period of time?

Thanks in Advance

Hello Albert,

We let our service providers manage customization for a client. You can connect with our service providers from here.

You can manage multiple companies in ERPNext. Check following to learn more.

Financial Statement for each company will be generated separately. For comparison of financial statement, you can check Financial Analytics report.

Accounts > Main Reports > Financial Analytics

You will find option to set Range (yearly, monthly etc.) or From Date and To Date in each report.


For developer support you need to buy: Not Found

For multi-tenant production support: Not Found

Also there is no mult-company consolidation available as of now.

Hello Albert,
If you are looking for any support from service providers then we are available to help you.

Kindly let us know your feedback.