Support for MariaDB 10.6

So I am wanting to use MariaDB 10.6 with Frappe 13 or 14 so I can take advantage of the columnstore features for reporting. Is it only supported on MariaDB 10.3? MariaDB 10.3 came out in 2018, and it seems like we should get Frappe moved up. The installation docs seem to still indicate that you must use 10.3 (Installation) and I tried 10.4 and 10.5 and couldn’t get it to work.

We upgraded most of our databases from 10.3 to 10.4/10.6 That worked seamlessly.

I’ve been running 10.6 in several v13 environments, for 6+ months. No issues yet.

Hi @brian_pond , any improvement or interesting comment about that version in yours environments?


@federico_calvo The only difference is I needed to insert 1 additional row in the 'my.cnf' file:

# Starting in 10.6, compressed tables are Read Only.  This can break, so disabling that:
innodb_read_only_compressed = FALSE

Other than that? I haven’t noticed any difference between 10.6. and previous versions of MariaDB.

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Okay, thanks so much for your feedback. I will try the upgrade route (rather than installing fresh) and see if I have more luck.

By chance has anyone tried to use MariaDB Columnstore with their Frappe installation and successfully done reporting using it?

Many of our instances are on 10.6 . No issues reported sofar .

Frappe until v13 used the COMPRESSED row_format. MariaDB 10.6 deprecated this row_format which can still be enabled by setting the global variable innodb_read_only_compressed. In 10.7, this row_format will be removed. To be compatible with this change, Frappe v14 / develop uses the row_format DYNAMIC. Upgrading existing sites may require running the transform-* command (mentioned in linked PR), or would be transformed automatically during restoration.

You can read more about this and related changes in Frappe to support MariaDB 10.6 in the linked PR:


Would v12 work with MariaDB 10.6? Has anybody upgraded the DB on v12?

Yes, I can confirm v12 works fine on MariaDB 10.6.