Support for PostgreSQL it is production ready?

I read in the documentation of ERPNext that support of PostgreSQL is in beta.

What is the ground reality as of today. Is it still in beta state or has it matured and can be used for production?

Just curious to know.

@yogeshvachhani For Frappe Framework, Postgres support is in beta.

For ERPNext, Postgres support is still in progress.

Once ERPNext has Postgres support, you can try out on your staging/QA server and then roll into production.


What is the current status on Postgres support for ERPNext?

My understanding is that PostgreSQL support was at one point considered, but is not currently on the roadmap.

There are too many queries dependent on Mariadb that would require refactoring (likely more being added every release), and it’s not considered a priority.

Hopefully someone will correct me if that’s not the case.

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But does Frappe Framework support PostgreSQL out-of-the-box in V15?

It does have a few bugs, but yes, the v15 Frappe framework does support PostgreSQL. But depending on how a Frappe-based application is written, the application may or or may not also support it.

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