Support for using erpnext for newbies

Hi everybody. I am a newbie learning erpnext setup. I had a rough installation time. Now I need a manual.
1: I have imported a list of employee data. I map the employee code column with ID in erpnext.
=>The question is what can I do with this employee list?

  • First of all I tried the Attendance function by adding a new record. However, data is added via ID, not Series of the Attendance add form. That means I can’t find any employees in the new Attendance form. So how do I solve this problem? Because the imported data will already have an identifying column, can’t we use series (naming_series)?

I have discovered a new error. When I create a record in checkin, I can’t see the shift select location. Even though I see it in custom form. And when I go to shift type → select a shift → press the plus sign in the checkin area, the form shows an additional shift field. However, when finished adding, the list displayed is an empty shift. It’s confusing?

I have fixed the above error, however Mark Attendance is not working?