Support in Australia

Hi Team - I’m pondering if there are any Australian ERPNext consultants out there?

We could do with support in maintaining our system - there are plenty of overseas support options - but we have not identified anyone locally.

We’re currently using V13 and have done quite a bit of customisation - but need something like 4 hours a month support to keep it updated.

Hi Ben not sure what the etiquette is exactly so I will be responding privately.

Kind regards.


Hi Ben

How did you go getting support in Australia? If you got sufficient help, is it very costly? I’ve just been starting a new business and things are extremely tight (budget already blown!) but feel somewhat out of my depth with this software.


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I’ve moved to Melbourne, Australia and can be a help.

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Hi iMoshi!

Forgive me for being naive or ignorant with my question, but what would it cost to have you help me understand how to process payments and track GST tax? I have orders and invoices tracking it but when I do a payment entry it all gets dumped into one account and I don’t know how to keep tabs on how much of it should be set aside for tax etc. Is this something you could help with?

I also have a smaller issue where I can’t set up Microsoft 365 Oauth connection without messages being flagged as spam. I’ve decided to ignore the email functionality for now and just manually attach invoices etc to an email. So I’m not as desperate about this problem, but it would be nice if someone knowledgeable could double check I haven’t done anything stupid!


It’s still my first month here in Australia and I have no idea about your GST :sweat_smile: I’m more of a sysadmin by the way.

But, I do know a bit about accounting, specially in ERPNext. First you gotta make sure you have correct set up in in your Company. For that, search for Company from the awesome bar and go into your company and scroll down until you see Accounts Settings section.

And for the other issue with MS 365 Oauth, check here for links and suggestions: Email Account Structure Not Compatble with Office365 · Issue #14766 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

No worries, I really appreciate the help anyway! I hope you like it in Australia :slight_smile:

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Hi iMoshi
Email me your resume on and let me see what i can do


Hi @Ben_Hly @porl
We have been serving 3 clients from Australia, we have setup their complete system, customisation and now on going support as well.

We are also working on the open banking integration for Australia.

Hit me up at

Would love to catch up with you guys.

Thank you.

Love seeing Frappe apps being put to use in Australia! Awesome.

Best of luck mates, from down unda! :sweat_smile:

I have been running with ERPNext for this FY and coming to terms with its features and recently with Bank Reconciliation. Whats the state of of your open banking integration development?


Great question any update @aa_prashant ?

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Hi @alan57 @Ben_Hly

Regarding Open Banking Integration in Australia, the support is feeble.
few startup platforms provide integrated open banking APIs but their costing is too high.
AUD 2000 per month :sweat_smile:

I am just looking for alternatives now.

@aa_prashant - Here are two potential options:

both covers all Australian banks:

@Ben_Hly the 2000$ is for Basiq only.
too costly!

Need to check out Superskript

@aa_prashant Subskript is $29/month and seems to do everything that would be required: Subskript | Automated Bank Data Feeds | Open Baking Solution

Certainly for us that would be an acceptable cost

Even if we get bank feed, that will be enough for now!

let me check it then.

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