Support Module: Ticketing like behavior


I am trying to achieve a way to make the support module as a ticketing system.

When a ticket have been raised with a certain issue type, only two departments would be able to see it.

For example. sales people raised an issue with issue type “Technical” the sales department would be able to see the ticket when they go the issue list as well as the people in the technical department only.

Can this be achievable ?


It sounds like what you’re looking for is Permission Queries.

Sound promising , but I need more guides if possible.

Some sort of where to go and navigate if I have hosted this script on my own server, can you help with that please ? could this be done via assignment rule ?

Did you read the instructions at the top of the page I linked? Server scripts are written client side but require a directive in your site_config.json file. Assignment rules aren’t involved.