Support-Ticket > Time-Tracking > Invoice

Hallo, i am planning to have an easy workflow with support-tickets.

Am i right, that a support-ticket is a sipmle task?

The service-desk-user takes a task, he has to work with - in this case, i am searching the functionality “time tracking”
But i did not find.
Only on right top i can use “view” and then “time ttracking”. But this time tracking is an empty mask i have to fill out all manually.

In the videos i did not find out, how i can time track a task, to realize an invoice for the customer.

So, which is the workflow - or the philosophy in erpnext?

Thanks for help.

Time tracking is not automated in ERPNext for this @quintact . Your workflows looks fine since you can connect task’s timesheet to invoice. For the automation of the time tracking, you may add in some scripting and you’ll be good.

Hallo, thanks for your answer.
I tested some more things and learned, that the task has no bridge to time tracking.
If i start a tim-track manually, i can find the task and track the time - so what you mean, is to code, that - idea - i have a button inside the task, which opens the window for a new time tracking - where the data of the task are already entred in the fields.
OK, did nobody uses erp in this way?
Has anybody a solution for that?

thanks very much