Support Ticket with multiple recipients


We have a couple of issues with the way incoming emails for Tickets are handled and at this point we don’t know if there is a way to fix this.

If the email has multiple recipients (i.e not only the email assigned for the tickets) either in the TO or in the CC only the sender will get a reply from the Ticketing, the others are ignored.
In addition to this there is no way to see that there were multiple recipients in the original email that started the ticket. (so we can manually enter them as recipients for the reply messages)

Usually in these cases, when for an issue, multiple persons are involved from the client side, there are several emails going back and forth.
The result is that multiple tickets get created, once someone else than the original sender, replies to the email.

Also we noticed that when a ticket is started by our support (not from an email) after a phone call from the client for example, there is no notification send to the clients email.

Any ideas how to solve these issues would be greatly appreciated.


These are all good feature suggestions.

Can you add them to Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Maybe we can add a CC field in Communication.

@rmehta any update on this feature?