Support with e-retail use case [WooCommerce/Multi-store]

Hi there,

So I’m just wanting to give a quick summary of our use case and get some feedback/guidance of the likely issues, hurdles or simple victories we’re likely to encounter.

We have a wordpress multisite installation running multiple WooCommerce stores that are largely segregated by large geographical regions for example,, and while there are some universal products across all stores the point of the segregation is to allow for product diversity/differention across those regions.

One of our suppliers (primary supplier for one region and secondary for another) has dropshipping agreements we utilise. They ordinarily have a wordpress plugin that handles product import and stock status syncs (not qty - but just In or Out status due to dropshipping) - this plugin however has some issues running on a multi-site rather than single-site installation of wordpress that aren’t going to be resolved anytime soon. So the plan of having it on the selected stores isn’t going to fly.

As ERPNEXT seems to have good integration options for WooCommerce and a capability for handling dropshipping, I’m wanting to know if it would be able to (or could be customised effectively) to handle importing or syncing with an XML feed from this supplier to maintain the stock availability on a product basis from that supplier, which then in turns syncs over to the selected stores?

I’m expecting this is going to be a customisation issue and not have easy out-the-box funcationality for what I’m trying to achieve but I don’t want to be focus on getting it working with ERPNext if ultimately it’s going to be more effective getting this customised and working on the Woo/WordPress side?

Probably not the easiest read explanation but feel free to ask any questions and thanks in advance for any feedback,


Hi Aidan,
I’m assuming the availability is a combination of actual inventory on hand and available supplier inventory?
Is the supplier inventory dedicated to your shops, or can it be sold to others prior to updating the file?
Can you call the supplier’s API to check stock on the fly?

A basic starting point would look like:
Consider modifying the Item Supplier DocType to hold the available quantity by adding an int field.
Use Integromat (or Zapier. I prefer Integromat) to update the Item Supplier records for the available qty to dropship from the supplier’s XML data.

Mike Zareno