Supported attendance machine

Are there some devices which can be integrated with erpnext attendance module? It should update check in and check out timings

@Khadija, are you already using some attendance device? if yes, can you share the exact make & model here.

No I am not, I am in search of such device that can be integrated with erpnext

Create one mobile app and send data using api.
i am doing in that way.

i have integrated mobile app to my erpnext.

Means you are using mobile as a device?

actually i need a bio metric device

yes, which capture attendance of employee using qr scan and face recognition of employee.
and send data like in time and out time.
I have created separate doc for maintaining in time and out time.

I am also using rest api which only needs the employee id and time, the check in out system is handled by the python code

ohhh so, i have no idea how we can do using any bio metric device.

ya so what is the issue you are facing?

can you tell me how did you detect face or qrcode?

There is already a topic on this:

also get in touch with this guy @jignesh_shah