Survey after support action

Somebody have a suggestion of how can I survey my employees, after a support action?


We figured out how to trigger surveys with limesurvey after we sent an invoice. This was a homebuiilt invoicing and accounting ledger system a while ago but it worked flawlessly. I’ve been coming back to this question again as I was exploring Mautic for automated marketing and this same question came up on their mailing list. We used to do a lot with limesurvey for medical and social research clients. It’s really well developed and has hooks and an api. Might be a quicker way and smarter to see about an integration rather than writing yet another survey framework. If you need help with getting an instance of limesurvey up or want to collaborate on hooking it together I’m down to play with that to learn erpnext better.

I’ll gonna study limesurvey… Thanks!!

Can i ask how you have progressed with this. We are looking to integrate LimeSurvey into ERPNext and linking some relevant tables as predefined labels in LimeSurvey.