Survey: Which country has already been using the ERPNext Payroll Management?

Which country has already used the income tax slab for their payroll management? and does your country do not compute for the overtime, undertime, and late on your payroll? ERPNext does not have this feature. And not all industry needs to use timesheet so it is not an option.

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Hi Man as per OT UT and Late this is not yet out of the box you need to work on it via custom script or changing the core files to work on this. and im using it here in the Philippines. We can easily work on tax using this income tax slabs. and link with alphalist.

Hi @yhenn ohh this is a good news since I am trying for months to setup the payroll management. Yes did a custom field for OT UT and late on the attendance doctype. But cant get the right custom script to get the total OT UT and late on the payment entry when generating the salary slip already.

How did you do the income slabs? I am still using v12 and the month tax computation is not correct.

my income tax slab depends on my client requirement, do u have withholding tax table compensation on you?. you can use it as your reference and set it up on your income tax slabs make sure u have proper arrangement of tax table once u are using Percentage % OVER so it will not overlap or being confused by MDAS.

I tried encoding the Monthly withholding tax of the Philippines. How do you encode/add the standard added tax? there is no column for it :frowning:

20,832 on my part dont need condition since there is no deduction from it… I assume that on your salary component the tax is applicable so it will automatically fetch based on from and to amount. your format is correct but for those tax running on Percentage Over you need to set it up on your formula on salary components same goes with other taxes. you can make several taxes fields on salary components and set condition on your tax slab.

Hi Yhenn,

Is this still doable? For example, all annual salaries that exceed 250,000 to 400,000 are subject to a tax. In this bracket, there is a fixed tax of 0 plus 15% tax on the excess over 250,000.

Yes it is doable

I cant find where to add the fix tax,

@yhenn ohh you’re still alive? I heard a bad news from the project I gave you. The client informed me they haven’t been able to reach you after finalizing your payments. Could you please let them know when they can expect to hear from you? Thank you.

Hi Ponyoo yes i just get back to the months that i lost and i have been idle im going to restart to pocess where it is back again keep safe :grin:

@yhenn Hi John Herris Feliciano Marquez, your client told me that until now you have not reached out to them to complete the project you owe them. Aside from your service being paid but not turned over properly and completely, you also borrowed some money from your client’s employee. This is sad to hear from them after they helped you.