Swedish chart of accounts in ERPnext

Hi all,

I’m evaluating ERPnext for a client and quickly ran into an issue: The chart-of-accounts is not compliant with the standard swedish chart of accounts, which is what my client need. So I tried to import a chart of accounts using the import feature, but I run into an error saying “The pareint account 1 - Tillgångar does not exists in the uploaded template”. Any idea on how to fix this? The first line in the Excelfile is the parent account for the parent account named “Tillgångar” with account numer 1, see the import file i created here: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/2ml68225l7bxm0mf9bi2e/coa_importer_template.xlsx?dl=0&rlkey=72n4d618da2ljl5ddg9tt11wm

Any ideas on how to proceed would be very welcome!

I’m new to ERP Next but i faced the same problem for Portugal.
After digging I found that the company must be created with the correct char of account. I didn’t find one for Sweden. My suggestion is that you create the file that is used as a template for the main chart of accounts.
If you go to apps/erpnext/erpnext/accounts/doctype/account/chart_of_accounts/verified/ you will find some files used to create the chart of accounts for other countries. Just copy one of them, give it a meaningful name and fill the tree (JSON) with the accounts you need.
Recreate the company using the new chat of accounts and then, if needed, you can import using the import feature.


In your file Parent account number is incorrect. For “Tillgångar” account number is 1000 for in the parent account number column also need to put 1000 and not 1.

You need to correct all numbers accordingly in Parent Account Number Column.


Divyesh M.