Switch between production and development in ERPNext docker installation

How do I switch between production to developer installation on docker?

Does this require a fresh install?

Two installs are separate. It’s not easy to switch them on the fly.

In case of development setup sites are mounted from host into bench container.

In case of production setup sites are mounted from docker volume sites-vol.

i am only using one server and one site. If i switch to the development(local) setup will my changes reflect when i switch back?

You cannot switch development to production docker easily.

It is not easy to switch between production and development docker setup.

For anyone who knows docker, (refer Docker documentation). DO NOT proceed if you don’t know bind mount vs docker volume.

  1. Instead of using docker volume, bind mount sites directory
  2. Bind mount same directory in production setup as well as in development setup.
  3. Reuse same Mariadb containers/volumes by connecting to same network used by Mariadb.

Not easy to switch docker development and production even for single site on single vps.

Thanks for your help so far. I’m new to this, as is obvious. However, can you or anyone direct me to a comprehensive helpful article, video, guide that can help me make development changes to my erpnext installation, then copy my changes to the production environment for use. Thanks in advance