Switch frappe only to v11 staging without erpnext

Can i pull frappe 11 staging only while keeping erpnext in master (need some features in frappe)?

You will most certainly have a lot of broken features by doing so.
ERPNext and Frappe really need to be kept in sync.


Thank you, i would like to know how can i use excel copy to child table feature only, i’ve tried checking out the table.js file only to staging (where the changes are made) but the page become empty.

You wish to add child table entries via CSV ?

No, there’s a feature of past items from excel directly [New Feature] Table field now support copy & paste from Excel directly by szufisher · Pull Request #6072 · frappe/frappe · GitHub implemented in staging

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It should work if you copy change code to table.js file.

After that you should run.

bench clear-cache
bench build

Then Empty Cache and Hard Reload on browser.

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