Switch to Master Branch

Hello Community.
There isn’t issue for me to change branch v-12 to master or is possible to do it, Could you show me how switch branch master?

Thank you.

Please check screen shot


You can switch to master by

bench switch-to-master

But I think here onwards(fromv12) frappe is going to deprecate branch name master since that creates confusion because we really don’t get master branch running on which version and hence they decided that they will replace with master with version name.

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Thank you so much. I’ll test it.

you will get an outdated and not a current stable system with the master branch. So there is no point in trying to do this really.

It has been updated 5 months ago and is among the stale branches of the ERPNext repository.

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@Hor_Kimhab please respond here on the Topic if there is a need for further clarification. PM’s on such issues is quite opposite to the purpose of a forum like this.

I think just by responding on a closed Topic like yours here it will re-open.

if a Topic was closed by someone you can contact that person, or any other forum admin to request re-opening an issue. If all that wouldn’t be fruitful and a Topic isn’t re-opened (out of whatever reason) you can create a linked Topic for further discussions.

Thank you.
I wonder why my erpnext last version but branch v-12 not master still has bug for my erpnext v 10 branch master no bug or little like that I think because of branch.

How do you think?

Best thanks.

Can we switch to a fork of an ERPNext using bench? :slight_smile:

Will have to set upstream url to fork and then can try bench update command

Totally gonna fail, but definitely gonna try :slight_smile:

Can you go a little more in-depth if you find the time? Please :smile:

this is just a convention. And the erpnext/frappe maintainers have changed this from using the master branch to using version-11, version-12 branching-scheme because there are various branches (currently v11, v12) supported as stable since the release of version 12.