Switch Visibility of Document Versioning in Comments section

Is there a way to disable & enable the document versioning in a doctype. For example we are using the Issue Doctype, we see that the actual comments & communication etc get lost within the whole Version updates …

In above example the changs in name, case category, Description etc over impose the actual comments decreasing the visibility … Do suggest if we could seperate these into a tab, or can there be a button which when clicked enables/disables the visibility …

I notice that there is a track changes checkbox when we customize the doctype, but is there any way we can track changes, but also control the visibility of the tracken changes ?

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Can anyone help with this ? Very important from a mobile user point of view !!

As of now, there is no options to disable the visibility of the versions. But you can suggest feature request for this and create a github issue for the same.

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Thanks @nabinhait, have raised the issue as suggested. See if you could follow up on the same.

This is a very critical feature for us, as when we give access of Erpnext to Govt officials who use the website to track Pending Support Issues and accordingly comment, the comments are lost within the chaos of Document versioning changes, but at the same time these are useful for internal team to understand the changes done. Please help how we can overcome this situation.

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