Switching between Development and Production

Hi there,

I need some help about switching between 2 modes, development and production.
If I’m running in Production mode currently, how can I switch to Development mode for customizing some doctypes and new-apps?

Additionally how can I know which mode I’m running?
For example, if I configure something in order to run in Development mode, is there any system feedback showing me it’s currently in Development mode?

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Enable your developer mode for a current site. So you can change in your DocTypes, Reports etc.
check How to Enable Developer Mode In Frappe

or you can enable it through command line

bench set-config developer_mode 1


For More details, Refer following post.


I referred to the post that you mentioned on the previous replied, but those posted problem actually not solve, and i tried all the method mentioned in the post, unfortunately i still can’t get get it work.

I am switching development mode v8.0.1 beta to production [with nginx and supervisor] , but when i access url:80 or url:8000, it still not working…

I am setup a vm again to test again, install development branch for v.8.0.1 and then copy paste for all the code that i made changes into it, then sudo setup production frappe, is that correct ?