Difference between development mode and production mode

I am beginner in using ERPNEXT. I have a question, what is the difference between development mode and production mode? do both of them can run in internet browser (localhost:8080)? i tried to run them in internet browser but only production mode run. how can i run the development mode? another question is that: is ERPNEXT completely open source? can i access to the the whole source of it? for example can i translate its menus to another language?
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in development mode installation frappe and erpnext apps are pulled from develop branch which is less stable.
while production mode installation frappe and erpnext apps are pull from the master branch

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I have read somewhere in this forum that you can only make new doctypes in dev mode.
You can customise exisisting doctypes in prod mode though.


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This is incorrect. “master” branch is obsolete. So its never used.

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Development: Use default “develop” branch for erpnext installation

bench init frappe-bench-name
bench get-app erpnext

Production: Use latest/any stable branch for erpnext installation with option “–branch StableBranch”

bench init --frappe-branch version-12 frappe-bench-name
bench get-app --branch version-12 erpnext

Yes master banch seems to be no more used. develop branch is very active, and mostly tag rely on real version.
I think the point is more about :
bench --site {yoursite} set-config developer_mode 1
It only change date into {bench_directory}/sites/{yoursite}/site_config.json by adding “developer_mode”: 1.
It allow you to update Doctype into action menu “Edit DocType” and I guess less cached data, because in developpers mode you need to see update in real time.
By exemple in ERPNextApp you can customize doctype without enabled developper mode.