Sync Amazon multi-marketplace


I saw your amazon integration, thank you for that. But I see we gave the information for one marketplace but is it possible to connect multi marketplace like UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, AU (all the European marketplace) ?

Thank you.

Currently feature to synch multi-market place in one instance is not available. You can open a github issue for the same and if you are willing to sponsor it, someone may take it up as an enhancement.

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Thank you @Pawan

Hello Pawan, i am new to this and just read about sponsoring to resolve an issue. Can you elaborate more on that as i need some help with a issue i posted and would like to know how things work around here.

You can create an issue on github and also mark it as “Paid Development” indicating you are willing to sponsor it. Eg:

You could additionally post it on jobs. This will help you gather some development quotations from service providers / freelancers who maybe willing to assist you with the job.