Sync changes in Standard Doctype in local and server

I have made changes to standard Doctype (Item) via. Developer mode on my local computer. I would like to copy all those changes to my server. I have discovered that changes to standard doctype are not reflected in .json file. So, I cannot run `bench --migrate.’

How can this be accomplished?

Maybe you git reset your repo

Try saving Item again and see if your .json changes are saved.

I have read on the Forum that changes made to the standard doctype via. web interface isn’t reflected on the json file. So, I don’t think resetting git will work.

@kaflesudip do you have multiple sites on same bench?
and the site on which you are making change is current site or default site?

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Ya. I have multiple sites. And I am changing the current site.

Hope your .json are updating after changing your current site.!:+1:

No its not changing. According to the documentation, the json for Standard doctype doesn’t change.

@kaflesudip which changes your are making on item master?
If your are adding some options for drop down etc which should update the .json file.
I have done bench use mysite
My sites developer mode is 1
I have added new leave status “pending” in leave application doctype and saved the doctype
The leave application.json was updated as “options”: “Open\nApproved\nRejected\npending”,
Then i use “bench use mysite2
I checked the leave application “pending” status was not reflected due to i have not yet migrated this site
i have “bench migrate mysite2” and the new leave application status “pending” reflected in current site .

Now if i push this code to server and take updates. sites on server will have new leave status “pending” will be available.

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1- Check if your docType is exist at the files inside your module folder.
2- if you find the files do as @rmehta told you git reset your repo
3- if you don’t find the files make sure that you didn’t choose “Custom?” checkbox in doctype settings.

Now if you find Custom input is checked, unchecked it then back to step number 1

Finally on your server do bench migrate regarding to your site as @gangadhar_k comment.