Sync server copy and local copy erpnext

Hi All,

I have created an erpnext site and hosted it on AWS and have done all the changes directly on the erpnext instance instead of creating a new app. i have done too many changes like updating doctypes, creating doctypes, adding custom fields, adding custom scripts etc. Now i want to make a copy of the server version in my local.

for that, i took a back up of the server db and the files… and imported them in local and did bench migrate. I was able to see most of the data sync properly… except for certain doctypes files, which are different from the local and the server version.
Any idea y it is so? what can i do to create an exact replica of the server copy of erpnext instance in my local.

p.S: Bascically the customizations done to doctypes are not cloned as a part of back up process.

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The files changed which were part of app’s directory : apps/erpnext/, apps/frappe/ have to be git committed and git pulled onto your local repo.

Either separate source files into custom app or git fork frappe / erpnext and mange it from your forked git repo until it is organised correctly


Is there a way to merge database changes?

Becuase website changes are stored in database