Syncing Woocommerce Order Status from Website

Hey! I’m pretty new to the ERPNext board. But as far as I have noticed it looks like ERPNext does not sync woocommerce order statuses automatically. It looks as if it only creates the new orders on Woocommerce as a New Sales Order on ERPNext, but it does not automatically update it as completed when the order is marked as completed on Woocommerce.

Is it possible to mark order as completed on ERPNext according to the respective statuses on Woocommerce instead of the Delivery After (Days) threshold?

This would save a hell lot of time.

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Our team develop integration from woocomerce to erpnext with these features include these features:

  • create customer
  • create sales invoice
  • create payment entry when user pay
  • create delivery note when the product shipped
  • create return invoice and return payment and return delivery note when refund happened
  • provide links for the document of delivery
  • log errors for any issue happened and retry with exponential delay
  • Products stock sync.
  • Products prices sync.
  • Support any woocommerce payment gateway, bank payment and COD
  • Log for every documents creation

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