System Architecture

Hi All
I’m implementing ERP System using Erpnext and there’s too many customizations,
And we have multi language system,Now I have built an app and I’m trying to connect it with erpnext app and customize it. But most of the time I have to modify on erpnext app itself, and I have the same with frappe app also,
I dont think this is the right way to build the system, but what should I do If I have too many customization on erpnext or frappe them self?

And i want to keep updated with the latest updates on frappe and erpnext.
any suggestions?

That’s why we have the app system:

Having a separate app is really the best way to do it, but if you’re forced to make changes directly to Frappe / ERPNext, what you can do is (I’m assuming you know how to use git) is have a separate branch for your customization and have another branch which is unchanged and then merge them accordingly.

Now, doing that, is a task, because there’s a good chance there will be merge conflicts.

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@vjFaLk Thank you for your respond
Actually I do the same thing that you are talking about, but I want to make sure is this a good way!