System failure. NEED HELP URGENTLY

Dear programmers, we’ve got a problem with loading into our ERPonline.
Unfortunately, our programmers couldn’t solve/identify the reason for failure.
Maybe here we can find someone who can find the problem and solve it.

Perhaps outline what recent changes were applied .

This would help with the diagnosis

Hey There,

Please do bench build and bench restart. Share the logs in case of errors.

Whenever I encounter that issue I always find it’s supervisor who needs a restart.

let me try

may be programmers updating bench due to this happened

They didn’t do anything! At first, the server stopped responding, and after the reboot, the instances gave the error “Sorry! We will be back soon. ”


@Alexandrl - check that there is sufficient disc space available including RAM.

If nothing was changed by the developers, then perhaps its an environmental issue such as low disc space

bench --site build

you need to include the site name


Looks like a permissions problem.
In the ~ or $HOME subdir, there is normally a “frappe-bench” subdir. This should have ownership of the user that was used to install ERPNext. So, for example, if the user is (as it seems in the screen shots)…ubuntu, then this might work…

sudo chown -R ubuntu:ubuntu ~/frappe-bench

It also looks like you may need to do an OS update with

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y


From the screenshot, you have insufficient disk space

Guys, still we can’t handle the problem. Who is able to help? We r ready to pay this champion.

@KonstantinG looking at everything you tried, I can’t even see where you installed frappe and hence erpnext.

Very important, the bench commands everyone here mentioned must be issued from the frappe-bench folder. However, you are retracting the path in every screenshot so we can’t tell …

First step, go to the folder where you installed everything. Also, important, don’t use the root user, you should have a separate dedicated user, basically follow the installation guidelines.

the problem is that i totally don’t understand anything in this issues. i just need someone who is able to tune up everything. My programmer is not a specialist in this system and another guy, who has dealt with it is unreachable now.
So I’m looking for someone who can fix this.

This is a Bitnami ERPNext virtual server on Amazon EC2

I understand. Like I said, the trick is to issue the commands from within the frappe-bench folder with the correct user. Read my private message.