System Notification as per User

Hello Everyone,

  • I have an issue with the system notification, I would like to explain the use-case with one example: There are 3 suppliers A, B and C and one System user.
  • There is an item doctype which has one custom selection field of verified and unverified.
  • Now when the supplier creates the item it goes in not verified as default and when the system user changes the status to verify that particular supplier should get a notification like their item is verified.
  • Right now what happens whenever the system user changes the status of the item created by supplier A from unverified to verified and saves afterwards, all suppliers A, B and C gets a notification.

Thanks In Advance

Can you share what has been set in the recipient section for this notification?

Two ways to fix this:

  1. If the supplier themselves will be creating the item code, then in the notification needs the owner as the recipient

  2. Create another field for supplier email and set the recipient to that field. This is to ensure scenarios where the supplier themselves may not create the item but by another team member can still go through.

Thank you for your reply, one question is like do we need to write owner only or should we write their role also?

What you have set there is correct.

Selecting owner from the list of fields will trigger the update to the creator of the doc.

Thank you It’s Working

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