Tab View for all doctypes in v14?

Just installed v14, the Tab View is game changing. How can I make it default for all doctypes?

Any help?

I agree, tab view is a great feature, but this need to be implemented “manually” on each doctype, it isn’t an automatic process … I think developers are in this way …

Any guidance from the team?

Is it possible to do it manually?

Yes, it is. You can customize the forms, adding the tabs and reorganizing the fields.

Hey, thanks for the reply.

I have tried to customize the doctypes but rearranging or changing field types from Section Break to Tab Break shows me an error: “Fieldtype cannot be changed from Section Break to Tab Break in row 1”. I think changing default types isn’t allowed. Am I doing this right? Is there a workaround?


Exactly what I thought.

Have you found a less cumbersome method for this?

Don’t change the fieldtype of existing rows, just create a new row above Section Break with fieldtype Tab Break.

Or maybe write a script to do it :slight_smile:

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Wich doctype are you trying to customize? It’s working for me

We’ve had the same issue and we ended up using a combination of:

  • Creating custom tab breaks wherever needed using Customize Form
  • Handling form layout using DocType Layout

There’s also a PR up for some improvements to the DocType Layout document, if required.

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