Table grid only show 2 column

Why does my customized doctype only show 2 column even a field is check as “In List View”? I know frapppe has 3 column limit but this one as 2 column only.

as I compare in erpnext app it has 3 column

Any idea how to make it 3 columns?

@rmehta ok I have notice if you choose a field which is type link as “In List View” it will not be display in the 3 column but I tried to change it to type data the column is displayed in the grid. Is this by design? or a bug :smile:

@ccfiel most likely a bug :frowning:

Ok :relaxed: I will create an issue in github

Created Issue Table grid only show 2 column if the type is field is Link · Issue #1524 · frappe/frappe · GitHub