Table inside a table?


 I would like to add a table into quotation items. I added a custom doctype in v5 and linked to quotation items. Is there anything more that I need to do ? as I cant find it on the pop up form


Adding tables in table is usually a bad design. Whats your use case?

I would like to add a custom widget for the above scenario. As I think frappe is trying to load a pop up form over a pop up form currently.

Could anyone guide me on the files / controllers I need to work on to sort this ?

My use case is to have another child table added to Quotation item Doctype, to track all suppliers who quoted for the particular item.

I understand , the framework looks into the doctype and then picks up the respective html template? Could someone guide me to the files that I should be concerned with ?

Why you want to track all information in Quotation Item.
You can also create separate track record and add link of track into Quotation Item.
(Similar Sales Taxes and Charges Master/ )

  1. Track Master
  2. Track Master Table
    Add link of track master in Quotation Item.

This will be essay to maintain in your app


Hi guys,

I need the same thing (table type field inside of another child table linked to main doctype) but unfortunately because of db model.

In my case, there is doctype CASE which contains multiple PERSONS and each person has multiple emails, telephone numbers and addresses which I can store as CONTACTS table or separately like TELEPHONES or EMAILS etc. but still like table field.

I don’t think there is a clear way how to redesign this scheme so I need table inside table. Is this possible?

Thank you.


@Tom3 this is not supported, but do you can use tree doctypes!

Create Tree View and a Tree Browser for any DocType

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Wow, it seems to my like really suitable way how to handle this problem. I’ll try and let you know.

Thank you Max.