Table is not showing the values

My table is receiving the values, but it’s not showing them…

Follow the Label and Name of table fields:
Type = reference_doctype
Name = reference_name
Total Amount = total_amount
Outstanding amount = outstanding_amount
Allocated amount = allocated_amount

Table picture:

Console picture:

JS function:

PY function:

Are you seeing the values in the database?

Where is the javascript code that actually tries to populate the child table?

I never set value to table, i don’t know what you talking about…
Can you help me do this please?

Oh sorry. I didn’t read your question properly. Start by explaining what excatly it is that you are trying to achieve so that the code you linked can have some context.

Im working with installments, each Título document is a installment.
When the workflow of Título are released, add a button Pagar(payment) in doctype form.
When click on this button, this take some values of Título form, and create a Payment Entry doctype based in these values.
The process its like payment of Purchase Invoice, when i do a make payment, this create a route to payment entry, getting some datas of purchase invoice, including in the references table.

Yes, is receiving in database

I think is missing some code in js, anyone can help me?

Hi, use this exemplo to charge values
def load_receipe(group, creation_date):
receipe = frappe.db.sql (“”“SELECT production_order, warehouse, bom, quantity
FROM tabWarehouse Receipe
WHERE group = %s and creation_date = %s;
“””, [group, creation_date], as_dict=1)
return receipe

args: {
creation_date: cur_frm.doc.creation_date
callback: function (r) {
cur_frm.doc.item = []; → function to clear table
refresh_field(“item”); → function to clear table
--------> child table name
var receipe = r.message;
$.each(receipe, function(i) {
var row = cur_frm.add_child(“item”)
row.production_order = receipe[i].production_order;
row.warehouse = receipe[i].warehouse; = receipe[i].bom;
row.quantity = receipe[i].quantity;
refresh_field(“item”); —> update values