Table length issue

I created a table for the invoice and it contains the required items, but the problem is that when many products are placed, the table appears as a very long page. I want a number to be specified to add to the table, so that if the number of products reaches more than the specified number, the table will be moved to the other page. I also want the header and footer to appear for each page separately.

Hi @Nada-86,

By default system provides the facility that you want like if the number of items is above 50 then it will show after the next page.

look at this.

Thank You!

Thanks for your reply, but that’s not what I meant.
I wrote code using HTML to appear in the form of an invoice, and within the code, the items in a table are called and their prices, totals, etc. are calculated from the system. When I enter too many categories the table becomes long and not beautiful, which is not what I want. So I want to limit the number of lines in the table so that its appearance is consistent. There is a condition of the allowed number so that when it is exceeded, it moves to the other table on the next page, in addition to setting the header and footer for all pages.