Table link not working in ERPNext

I have a customer.

I have a support ticket.

I modify the support ticket, so that it’s linked to the customer.

I reload the customer.

I verify that the customer is linked to the support ticket, by clicking “Linked With” icon. It shows the one Support Ticket document there.

The customer’s support tickets are not shown by default in the customer view.

So I customize the form, add a new table. In options, I specify “Support Ticket”.

This validates fine.

Reload. The Support Tickets table is now there, but empty. Clicking “Linked With” still shows the item.

Have I done something wrong?

This would work only if Customer and Support ticket have a parent child relationship. ie. it will be enumerated in the table only if the support ticket records have the customer is the parent field, which is not the case.

Thank you for your response, however, it leaves me very dismayed.

Viewing customer support tickets, by customer is absolutely essential functionality for anyone who has customers, and support tickets.

It sounds like you’re saying ERPNext allows me to connect the two, allows me to view they’re connected using one obscure button, but makes it impossible for users to view this data in a natural way in a table?

If that is the case, perhaps you can advise how, conceptually, this could be fixed? Do I need to abandon my evaluation of ERPNext?

In the list view of Support Tickets, you can filter (by clicking on the funnel icon) by any field,

Thank you.

In theory, would it be possible for one to develop a “Super Table” such that you can specify the parent tables, and thus have it properly embedded in the customer form?

You do this via custom javascript. Instantiate a table view and fill it by querying support tickets.

Thank you. I’ve looked through all the developer documentation I can find, but can’t really see how to do something like that. Neither of the developer example seem to instantiate anything dynamically. Where is the best place to look to get started?

I managed to work this out by looking at the source code for the form. The truth is, having worked with many other systems, I never imagined it to be that easy to extend!

You guys have done an impressive job on the framework. Thanks for the help.

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@thenon awesome. Did you create an app?