Table multiselect field are unique

I just use the Table Multiselect field type.
But when creating a document and select the multiselect value, when saving got error warning saying the value selected already exists. While in the document, the value is not selected, in other document it is selected.

How can I make the multiselect field select the values independetly to other documents?


Sorry, I’m not really following you here. Can you provide more description of what you’re doing?

  • I have 1 doctype (doc-A) with a multiselect field.
  • The multiselect field refers to a child table (doc-B).
  • The value in doctype-B are from a master table (doc-C)

I believe this arrangement is as directed by the documentation.
In usage:

  • In a new doc-A I select the multiselect field and choose the values (populated from doc-C), for example: “abc”. And saving it. No issue here.
  • Then I create another new doc-A and fill in the multiselect field the value: “abc”, “def”.
  • When saving, there is a popup saying: Duplicate Name - multiselect “abc” already exists".
  • So the new doc-A can only be saved with “def” (I have to delete “abc”).
  • The next new doc-A then can’t use “abc” and “def” anymore.

I check the property of the multiselect field and see that it is Unique. Even when I uncheck this, when saving the doctype it goes back to checked.

In documentation it is written that this multiselect can only be selected once. I thought this happen only within the same document (this is correct).
But it happens that the “selected only once” also across documents (I can’t use a value if it is already selected in other document)

Can you share screenshots of your 3 doctype definitions? The multiselect is a bit fussy about how links are defined, which fields are mandatory, etc.

See here for another troubleshooting process that may or may not be related:

The doc-A:

doc-B, set a child table and editable grid:

doc-B’s field is set as mandatory and in grid view:

doc-B’s field persistent Unique property:

doc-C the source of data for doc-B:

doc-C also persistent Unique property

The field is populated from doc-C and can be multi-selected:

If in other document I choose the “Aktivitas” and “Bebas” then it can’t be save (with the popup warning):

Just came to my attention that I set the auto-naming of doc-B and doc-C with the a field (this would automatically set the Unique property).
So I delete it and try to save again.
This time I get different warning:

Category is the multiselect field.
I have unchecked the Unique property, yet the warning popup again.

So I will try to iron things out by looking at the setup one by one…

OK… got it.
The Child table (containing the multi select) should not be Unique.
I thought I had uncheck it when deleting the autonaming.

Now I can have this:

…and redo to other similar doctypes… :sweat_smile:

Thanks @peterg

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