Table MultiSelect Field - display only specific field


Im trying to use Table MultiSelect Field in my Customer doc type and I am able to do the same. But it displays only the name field, How to display a particular field say “Item Name”. Attached the screenshot to show how it appears now.


@Sakkeer_Hussain_Abdu . You need to add Item Name in Search Field of Nature of Business Items Doctype.

@jsukrut I am facing the same problem. So thanks, but I couldn’t get it to work with your solution.
In my case the field of the doctype I want to be shown is called “denomination”.
In child tables there is no setting for “search field” so I think you mean to set this in the DocType where I link to. I did this, but it makes no difference.

Before someone suggests to set the “Auto name” to my “denomination”:
I can’t do this because I need my “denomination” to be translatable. When setting the “Auto name” to it I can’t translate it anymore.

Any other suggestions? Did I do something wrong?


@jsukrut Thanks for your response. The solution worked for me is to set “Auto name” field:item_name


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Thanks for this workaround but to clarify, his workaround means setting the (ID/code) name field to be the same as (title) item_name field.

Instead of showing both name (ID/code) and title (human friendly display name).

It’s possible to set the Doctype to have Title field set to item_name, however in v13.beta.3 this only works for Desk web UI, but in Web Forms it still shows name field only, not title.

In Desk web UI:


In Web Form: