Table Multiselect in Web Form

Hi Community,

Can anyone suggest any solution for Table Multi select in Web Form.
Use Case:
I have doctype named Patient Personal History, in that i have one table Multi select field
named Para Functional Habits.
Now i have created Web Form of Patient Personal History but there i cannot get Table
Multi select Field of Para Functional Habits.

I am using version 12.

I have also tried the child table but it is also not working.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello everyone,

I am also facing the same issue can anyone help?

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Yes facing the issue of table multi-select can someone give an alternate for this?

I want web-form user to select multiple items present, he/she needs to buy.
But unfortunately, I am also facing the same issue as there is no option for multiselect in web-form.

I didn’t tested this now but my guess is that the class that selects all is “control-label” and the class that adds the checkbox is form-grid with input type=“checkbox”.
Can’t test now but u should be fine with those or investigate more.

Edit: Also have you tried to set the parent field as Check “Fieldtype”?

Thanks for the reply!!

If field type “Check” is added to web form then after submission of web form it’s value don’t get stored in Doctype.


If someone can suggest alternate option for table multi select in web form then it would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance!!

I really like to have a solutions for this, too. In general it would be nice if we could use all the field types in web forms, that we have for doctypes.

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