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While there are various posts talking about previous issues had with the Table MultiSelect field, this does not seem to be the same.

With my data, I have Delivery Zones. Each Zone has a list of Postal Codes, Items Applicable, and a schedule. As a Sales Order is created, the delivery dates for each item are validated against the delivery zones, ensuring that our fulfillment schedule is followed.

However, while creating a Delivery Zone, the items field throws an error if an Item is included.
The BB item attached already has an item code, item group, and default UOM attached. Any reason why this is occurring?

Frappe 12.6.1
ERPNext 12.9.3

The “Options” for your Table Multiselect field should be a Child Table with a Link field and not the Link directly. Table Multiselect is like a Child Table with just a single field. So for this, you will have to create a child table DocType with a Link field for Item and then use that child table DocType in your “Options”


Ah! Okay, I read the doc but was still confused! This makes sense.

In the case of my scenario, I needed to make a “Delivery Zone Item Applicable” DocType (with the Link of “Item” only) and have that be the Option under the Table MultiSelect field.

Thank you!

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Just accross this post.
This explanation should be in the docs. As kevin said the docs is not as clear.

Hi @rucha_mahabal It isn’t storing the data tho, whenever I do save it gets cleared automatically.