Table MultiSelect with translations?

Hello everybody,

the field type “Table MultiSelect” shows the “name” of the selected elements by default.
When the name is just an id this helps nobody. Of course I could set the name to a field like “denomination” or something like this and get a proper name for the user.
When doing it this way we loose the ability to translate the field which is pretty critical to us.

Do I do something wrong? Is there a way to get it to work with translation?

Thanks in advance

the field type “Table MultiSelect” shows the “name” of the selected elements by default.
Yes i agree with you but as you know “Table MultiSelect” use link field to work
So, you can override this link field to show name and any other field as description or title

and this link may be useful for you

Thank you very much for your answer, but are you sure you gave me the correct link?
I understand the information in the link that I can filter the underlying query but not modify the shown data.

What I want to change is the display inside the MultiSelect field:

Yes i`m sure for the right link,because it is how it works in frappe
Link field type works on name and if you make override with another field it will not be selected or shown because they have function called “validate url” validate the result of link returned data
So, it is the best i can do with your problem according to frappe facilities

my be you can make read only field under this field to show the label of selected names ,may it helps you

Thanks, I know that this is how frappe works. That’s the reason why I am asking if there is another way.

I absolutely can’t work with a second field. Any my user can’t work with ids.

So my question still stands:
Can I show a different field instead of “name” in a “Table MultiSelect”?